Jamaica Kids Early Learning Center

The staff is so warm, caring, nurturing, and loving. I was nervous to send my daughter to school in the beginning but by the second day I was so excited, grateful and confident… like my child.


Full-Time and Part-time rates are available.

Monday - Friday, 7:00 am - 6:00 pm

1 Jamaica Center Plaza, Jamaica, NY, 11432

We serve families of federal and SSA employees and the community

Jamaica Kids Early Learning Center Highlights

  • Five fully renovated classrooms 
  • Outdoor garden area
  • Library and Resource area for children, family, and staff use
  • State-of-the-art indoor playground equipped with a climbing wall
  • Full kitchen and staff lounge 
  • Holiday parades (i.e., Harvest Parade for Thanksgiving, Costume Parade for Halloween, Winter Holiday Parade)

Where We Go Outside

Public Library

Rufus King Park

Arts in the Park

Jamaica Multiplex

Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning

School Leadership

Catherine Angelet

Director Masters Degree in Early Childhood Development; Bachelor’s Degree
One of my most amazing life experiences is witnessing a young child learn HOW to think!
Fun Fact: Catherine always enjoys exploring the "Why.”

Teresa Nguyen

Assistant Director. PreK Head Teacher B.A. in Early Childhood Education. Master in Special Education.
Warning: I'm a Teacher! I'll always be young at heart. I'll never grow up and act my age.
Fun Fact: Teresa once went to Iceland & saw the northern lights.


SSA Monthly

NYC DOE 3K/4k wrap-around:



For more information on our part-time and drop-in rates, please contact our center at (718) 557-5520 or [email protected].

Accreditation & Licensing Information

Contact Us or Visit the Center

Address: 1 Jamaica Center Plaza, Jamaica, NY, 11432
Phone: (718) 557-5520
Fax: (718) 557-5525

We believe it is essential that you come into the schools to get a true feel for the Imagine ethos and community. We require families to join a tour (we can accommodate virtual tours for those not able to attend in person) before being added to our waitlist.

If you are interested in our program, please call (718) 557-5520 to schedule a tour.