Learning Healthy Early

We believe that teaching young children about health and safety instills an early understanding of how to treat our bodies and minds so that they stay strong and healthy. 

Our Learning Healthy Early curriculum teaches and emphasizes healthy living habits at school and home, making  Learning Healthy Early real the importance of good health. 

Learning Healthy Early gives your kids tools to nourish their bodies and minds. From the most basic concepts of covering their mouths when coughing, to the important knowledge of how food builds energy to help them grow strong.

What is the Learning Healthy Early Curriculum?

Healthy eating


Exercise habits

Where does our food come from

How to make good choices

Covering their mouths

Washing their hands

Respecting their bodies

Respecting others’ bodies

All the Imagine centers are endorsed by the Eco-Healthy Child Care program sponsored by the Oregon Environmental Council.

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