At Imagine, we know that the return on investment in early childhood education is self-evident.

Giving your child best-in-class early education is one of the most important things you can do to set them on a path of happiness, wellness and learning. And part of that is getting each and every child who walks through our doors ready for the education ahead of them.

That is why we put such an emphasis on school readiness at each of our centers.

What does this mean?

We work with parents to understand your options. We know that taking the next step in your child’s schooling can feel overwhelming, but we are here to help with expertise, resources and connections.

Curriculum emphasizing cognitive, physical and emotional development

Navigating the school landscape

Teach essential skills for kindergarten and elementary school

Work with children to make sure they understand their next steps and are ready to bloom and flourish

Partner with communities to create connections to benefit families

Build and strengthen relationships with kindergartens and school choices

Provide extra support for kids who need specialized programs

Our Focus

While we are working with parents to understand the best schooling options for your child, we are also making sure our Pre-K students are as prepared and excited as possible everyday for their next steps. We focus on key cognitive, developmental and socio-emotional skills to make their transition to kindergarten as smooth as possible.


Coping skills and emotional regulation




Independent Play

Respect and kindness