Imagine is an Employee Owned Business. Every person at Imagine is not only an invaluable member of the team, but is an owner of the company, invested in the company’s success.

This means that everyone at Imagine – from teachers to administrators to our HR department – is committed to the Imagine mission and ethos. They have helped make us who we are today.

Our Staff Are Our Stars

Edwin Bello

4K Head Teacher, Fed Kids

Why they are a star

Eddie treats his classroom as his own ecosystem, carefully nurturing it to foster a positive and inclusive environment. He actively involves families in their child’s education, always proactively addressing their concerns and keeping them well-informed about their child’s progress.

“Eddie always greets everyone with a warm and inviting smile, creating a welcoming environment for all.”

Juana Romero

3K Head Teacher, Dumbo

Why they are a star

Ms. Juana is quality focused, always striving for excellence in her work and ensuring that services meet standards. She prioritizes family happiness and loyalty!

“She always goes above and beyond to support the center and children”

Andrea Leal

Andrea Leal

Administrative Assistant, Sinai

Why they are a star

Andrea is always focused on delivering the highest-quality service to our families. She is able to understand all the moving pieces of our center, and is working all the time to make sure everyone has what they need to flourish and bloom. 

“Andrea has been with us for over four years and she keeps growing in her role. We are very proud of her, the relationships she has formed with the staff and families. She is very much a part of the Mt. Sinai Kids community.”

Each of our centers prides itself on deep expertise and best in class services, provided by passionate, kind, experienced and certified professionals.

Specialized Training

Our educators are required to have specialized training and degrees to ensure that your children not only learn but bloom and thrive in Imagine classroom environments.

Low Turnover

At Imagine, we are proud of turnover rates in a very competitive industry and many of our teachers have been with Imagine for as many as 30 years. We believe that our commitment to supportive employee practices directly results in high-quality care and education for you and your children.

Professional Development

Imagine believes that in order to ignite a lifelong love of learning in the children, we must also be lifelong learners. We are proud to support the professional development of our teachers. Educational and degree incentives and reimbursements are available to all staff. 

As NAEYC accredited programs, all of our teachers must have, or be working toward, specialized certifications or degrees in early childhood education. Our Assistant Teachers have at least a Child Development Associate (CDA) or equivalent credential, while all Head Teachers have a degree in early childhood education or the equivalent. All of our center Directors have a masters degree in the field. Many of our directors and staff also teach in the field at some of the country’s top early childhood education programs.

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