Imagine is proud to work with others who share our mission. Through our partnerships with brands, organizations and individuals, we have formed the Imagine Collective.

The Collective seeks to serve families across all areas of their childcare and child-rearing needs - from birthing classes to OT and PT access, to kindergarten readiness support.

The Collective also includes companies that work to enhance the magic of childhood, through putting out the coolest, most innovative toys or re-inventing the meaning of “play.” At Imagine, we’re proud of our expertise in all things early childhood, but we know we’re stronger when we do it together. That’s why we’ve created the Collective. 

Each of the members of the Imagine Collective is thoughtfully reviewed to make sure we are strengthening our commitment to the communities we serve. We believe that together, we can offer more meaningful care, education, and support for those in the Imagine community. We are always seeking new opportunities to partner with brands, organizations and individuals who enhance our offerings to families through webinars and education, ongoing enrichment or family support, one-time classes or products that give new tools to our families, children or staff, in the classroom or at home. Get in touch about becoming a member of the Imagine Collective here

How Our Collective Works


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Current Members of the Collective Include

Case Studies

Child’s Play takes the simple concept of “play” and transforms it into a tool to boost children’s self-confidence, empower their ideas and uplift their voices. Through its drama and acting classes, Child’s Play takes children’s natural propensity for play and pretend and channels it toward curiosity, empathy and engagement.


As a valued member of Imagine’s Collective, Child’s Play serves our Brooklyn schools with weekly enrichment classes that give preschoolers the tools to channel their feelings into play. Our summer programs feature dedicated weeks of Child’s Play, culminating in an incredible live show featuring all the silliness and serious business of play.