Imagine Early Learning Centers provide the foundation and atmosphere that allow children, families, and teachers to learn, grow, and have fun together – both in the classroom and beyond!

This is facilitated by Imagine Curriculum, which provides your children with the fundamental learnings that they will continue to build on for the rest of their lives.

Core Values

Curiosity and creativity fuel growth

Open doors and flexible partnership with parents and families, all day, every day

High quality education starts with empowered employees

Care beyond center walls

Individuality makes the world a better place

High quality care should never be out of reach

believes that the highest quality early childhood education is built on three pillars - family, employees, partners

We pride ourselves on being there for families in all ways possible. Imagine is your village, in the classroom and beyond.

  • Designing centers that are happy, inclusive, safe, and secure learning environments.
  • Teaching Imagine’s children to become respectful,  kind and empathetic global citizens.
  • Offering high-quality programs while keeping tuition rates competitive in today’s market.
  • Fostering active parent involvement and maintaining an open door policy.

We know that without satisfied, fulfilled, and well-trained staff, you cannot have high quality care.

  • Establishing Imagine as an employee owned childcare, the only one in our industry.
  • Providing teachers with opportunities to seek professional growth and development.
  • Emphasizing a healthy partnership between parents and teachers.
  • Ensuring Imagine’s teachers, staff, and all employees have a role in making Imagine the best it can be.

We are committed to providing best care in as many scenarios as possible to benefit families

  • Partnering with companies, government entities, educational institutions, and more to keep tuition low for families
  • Innovating to find new ways to provide better, affordable, convenient, and more holistic care