Corporate Clients

Imagine has extensive experience establishing and operating child care services for corporate clients. Our services include full time, part time, and emergency back up care programs for children six weeks to five years old, as well as after school, summer, and vacation programs for school-aged children.

Collaborating with Imagine

Imagine can assume operations of already established centers, working closely with the existing provider, the present staff and families, and the sponsoring institution to ensure a smooth transition.

When establishing new childcare operations with corporate partners, Imagine is well experienced in:

Advisory Boards & Liaisons

Imagine believes that setting up quality programs means working in partnership with the sponsoring institution. To this end, we work closely with our client boards and liaisons to ensure the project meets the ever-changing needs of the client. Imagine works together with these partners through the design, development, and operation of the center.


Our goal is always to offer our clients maximum flexibility and control with limited responsibility and exposure.


If you are interested in learning more, we are available to meet and talk about the available options. Contact us at: