A Letter from Imagine Leadership

Dear Imagine Community,

Welcome to a new year at Imagine Early Learning Centers!

The children, parents and staff of Imagine have been through a lot together in 2020. Figuring our way through two pandemics at once, Covid-19 and our society’s struggle with racial bias and injustice, has been challenging. However, I continue to be deeply touched by and proud of the support within our Imagine community.  Throughout this challenging time we have heard from many teachers and parents providing well-deserved praise for our heroic staff that have worked during this difficult period to care for the children and families of Imagine. Most importantly, we continue to receive optimistic input from all as we continue to update evolving safety protocols and expand our Kids for Kids curriculum platform to increase our focus on teaching our children about health and safety, kindness, diversity and inclusion.

Please find our updated Covid-19 Safety Plan. We continue to update protocols based on guidance from our regulatory agencies, as well as the CDC.

Imagine continued to operate eight of our ten centers during the pandemic, and we are pleased to be reopening Vets Kids for the 20-21 school year. We continue to stay in touch with the families and staff of Jamaica Kids, hoping for a reopening soon.

Imagine is also pleased to announce we have been selected to reopen two centers for the General Services Administration, Fedkids at 26 Federal Plaza in lower Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridge Child Development Center in Metro-Tech, Brooklyn. Stay tuned for grand reopening dates at both locations.

We also look forward to opening the Child Development Center at The City College of the University of New York in Spring 2021.

With a new school year ahead of us we look forward to welcoming more children, parents and teachers into the Imagine family.

Always Imagine,